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E-Commerce Consultancy and Management

Consulting for start-ups, retailers, business owners, and entrepreneurs based on their needs.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Designing and creating special social media contents according to analysis and trends for your social media accounts.

Content Marketing

Creating relevant and attractive contents to reach the target audience and increase brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Covers not only optimizing the web pages but also optimizing the contents to get more traffic to your website and increase the visibility.

Google Ads Management

Managing Google Ads accounts for you to increase brand awareness and increase sales.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Guiding your company professionally to position it on the digital world by personalizing and branding.

E-Mail Marketing

Creating e-mail marketing campaigns to reach and influance the new customers.


Branding designs and projects for your brand. Making your brand more professional and attractive.


About DigiWings Agency

We are a London based digital marketing agency and we are glad to provide digital services to you.
With our 10 years of experience, we have been working to present the best services on branding, social media management, social media marketing, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, e-commerce consultancy, and content marketing.
We provide solutions for your business to create you a strong position in the digital world, to assure you reach your audience, increase your sales, and overall to set up everything your business need.

Slide "We have greatly benefited from the services of DigiWings Agency." “As Aytac Foods Ltd. Company, we have serving to all companies in the food sector in the UK. DigiWings Agency has been providing digital services for our Goodness Foods and Aytac Foods brands. These services covers website developement and management, digital and printed design services, content marketing and e-mail marketing services. As a result, we have two customer-friendly designed, useful websites. As a social media management, DigiWings did a great job to reach our target audience. ” Recep Ercan - MANAGING DIRECTOR @ AYTAC FOODS LTD.


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